Desert Tortoise Tracking Program Donation

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Support JTNP's Desert Tortoise Tracking Program today!

Joshua Tree National Park’s Tortoise Tracking Program is an exciting project made possible through financial contributions from JTNPA. This program allows NPS employees to track tortoise movement and collect data on the tortoise population within Joshua Tree National Park. 

For NPS employees to continue monitoring this incredible species within park boundaries, the necessary equipment is required to do so. The tracking devices needed include radio transmitters, GPS loggers, traffic counters, and telemetry receivers. These devices will support this important program and help researchers understand where Desert tortoises are thriving, how quickly they’re reproducing, and how California’s drought impacts their odds of survival. In addition to purchasing tracking devices, the funding provided also covers the costs of a lead Ranger and volunteer hours to support the bulk of the labor associated with this ongoing effort.

Help support the Desert tortoise tracking program today! 

Photo credit: NPS/Daniel Elsbrock