Gift Memberships


Membership as a Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for any special occasion? Consider validating one's love for Joshua Tree National Park with a Gift Membership! Their membership not only helps support important park programs and projects, but it also comes with perks as an additional benefit. Perks include discounts to Desert Institute field classes as well as discounts in the visitor center bookstores. Sign up a loved one today to be a member of a group of supporters committed to making Joshua Tree National Park a wondrous place for generations to come!

A Gift Membership Supports:

  • The Desert Institute, our weekend field study program for adult and family learners
  • Financial aid to Joshua Tree National Park for priority projects and programs
  • Environmental education materials for over 22,000 students each year
  • Park Ranger training
  • The Minerva Hoyt California Desert Conservation Award, which recognizes achievements that have led to a significant and lasting contribution on behalf of the deserts of California
  • The Artist in Residence program
  • Four Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center bookstores, offering the most extensive collection of in-depth information about Joshua Tree available to park visitors
  • Publishing books and other media specific to Joshua Tree National Park
  • The park’s library and museum, available to academic researchers and any interested community scholars


Memberships are valid for one year following the month of issue. Your giftee's membership card and applicable gift will be mailed when their membership is processed. Visit one of the membership categories below to join or renew.