The Curse of Willy Boy on Hwy 62

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Mixed media 18" x 13" by Joe Alvarez

Joe hails from Echo Park and decided to settle in Landers when he discovered the stunning blue skies and the magical landscape of the high desert. He currently is nestled right in front of the scenic Goat Mountain. Goat Mountain is always in his view as he paints and creates his artworks. Joe Alvarez has been included in many art exhibitions, from Pasadena to Joshua Tree. This accomplished artist uses allegorical subjects in the guise of part-human/part-animal figures, circus show performers, and fairy-tale characters in his work, quite a far departure from his previous life as a Marine in his early years. His symbolic and narrative work encompasses parody, punk, black humor, and mestizaje culture. He paints mostly on repurposed wood; acrylic mixed media and he makes papier-mâché sculptures in the form of diorama story scenes. Joe continues to expand his choices of medium by incorporating textiles to his creations. Inspired by Frida Kahlo, Egon Scheile, Manuel Ocampo and William Blake, Alvarez creates shadowy myth and droll masquerades that signal that everything is not always what it seems. Joe is driven by a deep desire to inform the viewer of the many cautionary tales that are constantly swirling through his mind. He is filtering his anxieties through his many characters and exploring how he views the world through his colorful imagery and allegorical scenes.