Rusty Joshua Tree

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Acrylic, contemporary impressionism, 11” x 14” by Janis Commentz

Janis Commentz is a 3rd generation California artist who moved to the desert to teach high school English and art. Janis Commentz is known for her color-intense palette and loose brush strokes of figures and landscapes. Commentz lives the Mojave Desert where she teaches workshops in the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park and local galleries. She has a B.A. from the University of Redlands and M.A. in Education - CSUSB. Since her retirement from teaching, Janis pursues painting full time. Although Janis grew up near the coast, she believes desert beauty is an acquired taste and enjoys plein air painting in the Southwest United States. She exhibits her art in local shops and galleries and in 2020 opened her Etsy shop, French Press & Mojave Inspiration, a collection of cards, calendars and paper goods.