Pediastrum: A Freshwater Green Algae by Julianne Elliott

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Mixed media, 11x11

Julianne Elliott is a folk artist living and working in Joshua Tree, California. She enjoys playing with color, discarded chairs, thrift shop items, exotic textiles, felt, religious imagery, and themes related to popular culture and current events. Art lovers throughout the U.S. and Europe have her satirical and imaginative pieces on display in their homes. Her needlework was included in an exhibit that toured museums internationally. After meeting and falling in love with fellow artist Rik Livingston five years ago, Julianne retired from her former life in the Low Desert and moved to the Hi Desert, where she and Rik spend their days making whimsical art together in their jam-packed studio.

"Pediastrum, magnified here in my hand-appliquéd piece to show its beautiful structure, is a freshwater green alga that grows in water that collects seasonally in JTNP in Barker Dam, Coyote Hole, and in tanks around Skull Rock. Our fragile desert environment desperately depends on adequate rainfall for this plant and all other local flora to live."