Mojave Spring 1 (Desert Marigold) by Lauren Over

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Oak gall ink, watercolor and gouache on paper, 13x16 framed

Lauren B. Over is an artist-illustrator originally from Pennsylvania, now based in Santa Monica, CA. Herbalism, landscapes and Astrology are some of her most common subjects.

"The return of wildflower blossoms in the Spring is invigorating everywhere, but their delicate petals and vibrant colors are an especially sharp contrast to a desert landscape with a lot of heavy, spiky forms, and otherwise gray, tan, brown and subdued green coloring. In the desert, Spring flora is not only a symbol of rebirth, but also of the great adaptability of life to thrive, even in especially harsh and extreme conditions. To me, the flowers have ethereal, but spunky, animated and potent characters. They make me feel a sense of joy, energy and celebration of life!"