Lizards, Snakes, & More Coloring Book

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Amphibians and reptiles are bewilderingly diverse, and often intrigue the nature lover for their secretive lifestyles. A few have adapted well to urban neighborhoods and are regularly seen. Most are mysterious. Being able to recognize each is difficult, especially when you catch only a glimpse before they dart off. Others come out only at night or are so secretive they live their entire lives within a rock crack. Coloring Lizards, Snakes, & More: Southern California will reveal the rarely seen, and nature lovers of all ages will find it helpful in identifying the species that call this region home.

This book has 40 amphibian and reptile species from southern California including frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes and turtles. The book includes the common and scientific name of each, where the species can be found, its food preferences, and interesting facts about its natural history. Each illustration has a corresponding color photograph and number. The coloring pages provide an introduction to the diverse body forms and life-styles these animals display and help in species identification. The Color & Learn series will help you learn about natural history as you create colorful artwork to call your own.