Journey to the Heart's Content

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Acrylic on prepared birchwood panel, varnished & framed with a stunning, vintage, hand-carved in Mexico wood frame 20x16(outside dimensions 26-3/8x23-3/8) by Raven Skye

Raven Skye is a Contemporary Western Artist whose desire to create visual work can be traced back to her early childhood days. Growing up on her family farm, surrounded by forests in a small rural town, she would spend hours on end every day, off on her own, exploring & observing all manners of Nature. "I have vivid memories of laying on my belly on the forest floor, in awe of lady slippers, marveling at their delicate blooms, and sitting quietly with my art supplies, nestled secretly under tree canopies, observing & drawing animals, farm equipment & landscapes". In addition, her folks were avid campers who always chose the scenic routes, which afforded her a wider lens of observations, experiences and encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats, along with explorations of National & State parks. She has always felt compelled to make work that offers the viewer an invitation to slow down & truly take in the details of places and things that go unnoticed as we rush past them in our fast-paced daily lives. Raven considers her work to be an invitation to pause, reflect, recall & remember what is important to you and why, so that life doesn't simply pass you by. Her work has been shown & sold throughout the US, Canada, & the UK. She received the Curators Award of Merit, for work that best captures the essence of Earth Day, for her painting "A State of Separation". In March of 2023, she was awarded Cowgirl Artists of America's Member of the Year award, and in January 2024 she was invited to serve on Cowgirl Artists of America's Operations Board. She currently resides in rural Columbia County, Oregon, and is working on her ongoing series of paintings, titled, "Road-trip Recollections & Ruminations", which is inspired by her observations & experiences from various recent road-trip adventures, along with exploring a new series of portraits, inspired by some of her childhood heroes, such as Amelia Earhart & Annie Oakley, to name a few.