John Samuelson and the Bread of Forgetting

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Mixed media, 11.5x12, whimsical by Julianne Elliott

Julianne Elliott is an artist living and working in Joshua Tree, California. She enjoys playing with color, discarded chairs, thrift shop items, exotic textiles, religious imagery, and themes related to popular culture and current events. Art lovers throughout the U.S. and Europe have her satirical pieces on display in their homes. Her needlework was included in an exhibit that toured museums internationally. Julianne has lived in Southern California for 90% of her life, with brief interludes in Northern California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Most of her SoCal years were spent in the glittering resort communities of the Greater Palm Springs area (aka the Low Desert). She moved to the Hi Desert three years ago after falling in love with an artist who lives here, retiring from a 30-year teaching career, and watching her beloved daughters fly off into adulthood. She has a B.A. in Social Science, an M.S. in Telecommunications, and an M.A. in Psychology but prefers to keep up with truly important world developments by flipping through People magazine as fast as she can while waiting in the check-out aisle at the grocery store, and by listening to public radio.