"In-Between" #9 by Jillian Sandell

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Ink, watercolor, embroidery, 12x12 mat framed

Jillian Sandell is a writer, artist, and educator who lives in Joshua Tree, CA. Her creative practice (drawings, prints, zines, mixed-media) starts with her own experience in time and place, often highlighting moments of variation and possibility within the repetition of daily life.

"What happens when we focus on what is not just in front of us, but also around us? How can we learn to see and value in-between spaces? The creosote bush is a signature desert plant and a key part of the desert ecosystem. Its roots stabilize soil during flash floods and winds; it is pollinated by more than twenty species of bees; it provides a home for midges to build their galls, which in turn generate mycelium to the surrounding area; and it provides food and shelter to small mammals. The creosote bush thus cannot be understood outside of the larger ecosystem of which it is a part. In this series of ink drawings of creosote branches, I use watercolor and embroidery to bring attention beyond the plant itself: to the spaces in-between. What other in-between spaces could we learn to see and appreciate?"