Folkmanis Bobcat Kitten Hand Puppet

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The newest cool cat just arrived in town, and it goes by the name of Full Body Bobcat Kitten Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets! We are paw-sitive that this little bobcat will brighten the day of anyone it sees, and you’ll be the one making it appear lively and energetic. The Full Body Bobcat Kitten Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets has a moveable mouth and all 4 legs, so you can go down in hiss-story for how much purr-sonality you’ll give to this little bobcat. We’re not kitten around, this bobcat puppet really is the cat's pajamas! We don’t know how to be any more purr-suasive than this, so just trust us that you’ll love this feline fur-riend. We are confident that anyone from casual animal lover to master puppeteer will thoroughly enjoy this Full Body Hand Puppet.