Cunning Fox Dreams of Flowers by Jessica Knight

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Watercolor & gouache, 22.5 x 30 framed 

Jessica Knight is an Arizona-based artist and curious seeker of the weird and wondrous. She works primarily in watercolor to weave together dreams, story and a love for the wild thread that connects all beings of the natural world.

"The Mojave and Colorado Desert flora featured in this piece are the sand blazing star (Mentzelia involucrata) and the ghost flower (Mohavea confertiflora). The ghost flower, seen in the sky on the right of the painting, has developed an adaptation by way of floral mimicry to attract the same pollinators as the sand blazing star, seen on the left. This draws to mind the idea of the trickster, a quality associated with another Mojave Desert native- the kit fox, represented by its dreaming skull central to this work."