Coyote Dreaming

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Wall mounted rustic rusted tin coyote mask with cut-outs and acrylic painted images, roughly 3' x 4' by Lucas Guevara 

Lucas Guevara is an indigenous, visionary artist born in the deserts of Mexico, who has resided in the Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin areas of Southern California for over 50 years. He draws on his life experiences in these deserts, both positive and negative, for his inspiration, and draws on the landscape itself for some of his materials. His work is informed by trauma and grief as well as joy and renewed hope - a blend of dark and light, of his roots in the old ways of his ancestors and his Christian faith. Lucas works in a variety of media and sees the images he brings to life everywhere, including in his dreams. His pieces resonate with spirituality and a sense of the "other" and are meant to spark deep thought and reflection.